Why I Left My Family

Hello. My name is Emily, and I am an empath.

The final decision was made 2.5 years ago, when I put alcohol down for good. This is when a spiritual awakening began for me and things started to make sense.

I’ve always struggled with relationships in my family as alcoholism is the norm. I saw how it killed a few of my dear uncles, my grandfather and began destroying my brother and father. No matter what I did to talk to them about it, or waged war by dumping the booze down the drain, they refused to see how it affected me.

As an empath, the pain of their concealed wounds penetrated my heart so deeply, it brought me to thoughts of suicide.

The ordeal of my suffering through them had to come to an end. I needed a breath of fresh air or someone to support me on the sober road that I chose. I decided to leave my family. To walk my own path. Here is what I am learning..

  • It’s okay to take time to figure out what is best for you.

    That is all there is to it. I had to come to the realization that I am not chained to anyone. I am my own person. I had to step away from the toxic energy my family put off while deep in an addiction. The energy I put into worrying about them, affected my business, my sleep, and my health. I couldn’t find someone to give me the emotional support that I required so I searched for a route to support myself. I stepped away.  And that is okay.

  • You are free to walk your own path – without judgement

    As we are all free beings, we choose when it is time to leave behind a bad situation. When a consistent factor in life is dragging one down we have the right to say “this is not healthy for me anymore.” Or “I have had enough.” I told myself that I still love my family, and I understand what they are going though is difficult. I am not judging, only moving on.

  • You cant change others.

In the most grievous of situations, you cannot change others. In my journey, I wanted my family to put down the drugs and alcohol because I love them and I want them to stop hurting themselves.. Well in doing so, I’m only causing myself more pain because in reality, they will only stop when they are ready. We have to understand that we cannot change people, although we may see it as a change in their best interest. The good news is that we can set out to propose our own self growth. We can remove ourselves from a negative setting to  improve our emotional state and how we respond to traumas and distress.

I still love my blood relatives without judgement, as they are victims of society where there are 4 pharmacies at an intersection, and alcohol is the first thing they see when walking into a store. I accept that they do not view the world as I do, and I accept that I cannot force them into it. I’ve learned that it is okay to step back because that is what is healthy for me. We all have the right to our own happiness. We can change our surroundings to cultivate our peace and purpose.

Blessings to all!

If you are someone like me who struggle with family or friends with addiction, Amethyst is a crystal to help people stay sober! Amethyst’s legendary power has been known to protect ancient Romans from intoxication, so it is known as the stone of Sobriety! It also brings peace and serenity. Check out the Amethyst in stock here.

Black Walnut is a wood that allows you to follow your own path in life. Black Walnut trees grow strong and sturdy, and when we connect to them, they teach us these ways. Check out the reclaimed Black Walnut Wood Pendants we have in stock here.


Astrology – Evolve or Enable.

I’ve heard it many times, when someone refers to their astrology sign in a negative way as if their habits or bad behavior is fate and cannot be changed. Almost an excuse for what they have done or said, or a way they usually act. “Oh, I’m a cancer, so that’s why I do that”

This enabling mindset is what I believe to be just another small aspect or belief system standing in the way of our evolution. Instead of accepting the bad qualities of your sign, acknowledge them and find a new way around them. Deprogram these poor qualities and pitfalls of your nature and improve upon them.

I am a gemini for example. The twins. My sign can be two faced, indecisive, and scatter-brained. There was a point in my life where I lead two completely opposite and different lifestyles. I was playing in an angry heavy metal band with a bad message, while working for a peaceful non profit working to protect our water. This was when I was very unbalanced. I managed to manifest a bad quality of my sign, and ended up unhappy. Long story short I quit both polar opposites and started seeking truth and joy.

Each sign has bad habits. Though on the other side of the spectrum there are the benefits of your zodiac. You are dealt a cosmic hand of cards when you are born, and how you manage them is up to you. For me, it took the manifestation of that bad balance to learn what I can truly become. These bad habits can almost act as a marker of where to begin in self improvement. If you are too judgemental, perhaps you need to work on understanding. If you are too sporadic, you need to work on planning ahead. These characteristics don’t need to be extinguished although, only if they are causing problems. All traits of the zodiacs, whether good or bad, is what makes our beautiful collection of humans.

So dig a little deeper next time you encounter a behavioral problem in yourself that you don’t like. Ask yourself how you can improve.

I’m curious of your experience. Comment below with any of your views or encounters with this subject.

–  Dave

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How to NEVER be Afraid of ANYTHING

How to never be afraid of anything?….But how?

An event happens to you each week or each day that causes your mind to go in downward spirals, thinking negatively. It can cause many adverse reactions like anger, resentment, and everything between. Including the focus of this article: FEAR.

There are two main varieties of human emotion. Love and fear. Every feeling and emotion stems from these two, and our bodies release a few key hormones that demonstrate the simplicity that can allow us to understand ourselves just a bit more.

Beneficial emotions, the love emotions, release oxytocin. Causing feelings of joy.

Fearful, and detrimental emotions release cortisol. Causing stress, and all emotions that come with it. 

When our bodies are overwhelmed with cortisol, it’s difficult to make decisions and process emotions, which leads to all the emotions that root from fear. Operating throughout life in the best way possible means acting out of love, and the ability to understand, think, and act in ways which will take care of any situation.

So how do we do it?!? Get to the good stuff already.

I’m going to share a method I learned from a psychologist by the name of Ralph Smart. I highly suggest watching his videos and learning from him. His knowledge and journey has gone beyond the level of help. He has helped me to evolve. While I learn from many teachers, I’d like to focus on him for this article.  This is his method for handling any situation in life. Please watch a video or two HERE. He has a wide range of topics from how diet affects your mood, metaphysical topics like chakras, third eye opening, and general thinking habits that limit you everyday. If you want to “level up”, please. Watch a few and share.

Calm, Collective, Truthful (CCT)

  1. Stay calm.

  2. Collect yourself

  3. Stay truthful.

Stay Calm – This one is a bit obvious, perhaps so obvious many of us overlook this step when dealing with a stressful situation. STAY CALM. Do not over react.

Collect yourself – Now you’re calm, so collect yourself. Focus, and balance your breath and mind. Cut out any thoughts that are not doing you good, or causing you to have a bias.

Stay Truthful – This one is quite important. But don’t take it the wrong way. Many arguments can be easily solved if each person involved is clear on how they feel and what they want to happen in a peaceful manner. If each person in an argument practiced these methods, they’d be able to communicate what and how they feel, what they want, and how a compromise can occur. Whatever the situation is, a broken down car, a overdrawn bank account, or a death in the family, remember to never bury what you are feeling. Your true emotions, the processing of them, and the expression of them is very key to your happiness.

If you practice this CCT method through out life, you will be able to handle any situation to the best of your ability. How you react to life, in most cases, changes how life reacts to you. Will you make lemonade? Or will you squeeze the juice into your wounds….I see too many people doing the latter. Unable to realize a cause of their suffering.

Evolve with me wont you?

– Dave

Ralph Smart (Infinite Waters) videos – https://www.youtube.com/user/Kemetprince1

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What It’s Like to Work at Home

Not everyone has what it takes to work at home, but oh, I sure do. It’s a dream come true for an introvert like myself, or for anyone who doesn’t like to clock in everyday and get bossed around. It takes more skills than what most people think, but I will admit, I am writing this blog curled up in a big blanket with my fuzzy socks and warm ginger tea. I am my own boss, and that is the first loveliest part of what it’s like to work at home

  • Become Your Own boss

Wake up early or sleep in? Hmm. How about a road trip today? Or, hmm.. We could get to work.

It’s a beautiful thing to become your own boss. You have a say in everything and you clock in whenever you want. Now, lets not get lazy here because we do have business matters to tend to. Being my own boss, Ive made up my own work hours, just to stay on track, however, there are cloudy days which I can take as easy as I want.

  • Master the Skill of Manifestation – Life is what you make it

As my own boss, I have to get crafty, and not just with my products. Life is what you make it, so if given a blank canvass, what would you paint it?

Instead of following a path, be that path. I’ve always wanted to live an abundant life until I realized that I am abundance. I use to allow myself to think that I was broke, until I started imagining in my mind that I was rich, and then the finances began to flow in. Click here to read my blog on How to Attract Abundance.

When working at home,  you learn to master the skill of manifestation because you realize that you already are your own boss, therefore, you are the creator of your own life.

  • New Possibilities Open Up

Dave and I decided to quit our jobs where we had to clock in and that is when the adventure of life unfolded for us. We began crafting and selling at the local farmers market. We saved enough money to go travel to Argentina. While we were there, new possibilities appeared! We opened an online shop for our business and more great things happened! We traveled to South American again and so the story goes on and on. We gained new hobbies. We became vegans, and fell in love with cooking. I swam or kayaked almost everyday in the summer and Dave developed his Yoga practice.

Once a large, or even small component  has been removed,  especially if it is one that is negative, there remains an empty space for the universe to allow something significant to ooze in. That is the beauty of working at home.  As they say, one door closes and another one opens. I will keep opening new doors to explore this lifetimes potential!

  • Become your own best friend – Get in Touch with the deepest Aspect of your Soul

When working at home you realize who your best friend is. Yourself. It’s not that you become antisocial, it is just that a lot of time is spent alone, and it’s a beautiful thing! I realized that while I was working for a company, I came home stressed so I would turn the t.v on, or go out to the bar to keep my stress hidden. Well, I don’t drink alcohol or own a t.v anymore, and now I work at home. When time is spent alone, inner truth is revealed. For me, during that transition I understood that I never spent time with myself, to tend to past wounds or to allow self healing to take place. Just get through the day, only to get through the next day.. It was no fun.

Well now, a lot of inner issues have been worked out, thanks to working at home and spending time with thyself. I love myself, so a self healing ritual is incorporated in each day of mine. I have time for it, because I work at home!

  • Developing Human Super Powers – Motivation, Organization, Focus.

Yes, it’s true, while working at home, you’re allowed to slack off, take a vacation, get to it later… but there orders to ship and clients to take care of! So while working at home, there are human super powers that need to be harnessed in order to be successful with your business.

  •  Motivation – This is a tricky one. For me, it tends to come and go. As a Biodynamic Agriculture student, I pay close attention to the moon phases and planetary alignment. There are times of rest and times of work according to the unseen gravitational pulls. So, how to keep a consistent level of motivation while maintaining work at home? What works well for me is to never fight it, just acknowledge it. When I recognize a day that I am not feeling so motivated, I respect my body and mind and let it know I will not over work that day. I drink green tea, yerba mate or coffee to give me a little mental boost. I play upbeat music. Music is so motivational! Writing lists help me a lot too, but never more than I can accomplish within that day.


  • Organization – As a lover of life, I can stay pretty busy at home. I craft, practice yoga, go on nature walks with Hunter and Dave, wood burn, paint, and so much more! Working at home requires organization, because it is very easy to get side tracked. I mentioned earlier, that I set my own business hours, and for me, this is key. I wake up early and get around. I start getting to work between 8:30 to 9 am. With a lunch break and a few other breaks, I put my work down for our business about 5:30 to 6 pm. Keeping my business tasks within these hours frees up a lot of time for me later in the evening, and being so consistent to get a lot done, means more days off! woo! Stay organized!


  • Focus – Focus ties in with organization but it is still it’s own power. I do a lot of work online, and even on Facebook, which is a very distracting social media site. What helps me a lot, is something as simple as focusing on product promotions on facebook for 1 hour, using the “scheduling post” tool, so that I am promoting my products weeks out in advance. While I am crafting, my tummy may grumble, or Hunter may look at me with his cute keys, begging to go for a walk, but that is why I organize time, so I am able to get a lot of work done, and have more time to play later!! Eating raw fruits and vegetables is a great way to stay focused as well. Foods full of life, enzymes and antioxidants is a great way to keep the mind sharp.


Do you have what it takes to work at home? It’s process and a journey. We are always growing! Life is full of potential and possibilities. I love being my own boss and living life to the fullest.

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Dave over looking Satipo, Peru as we ride around on our friends motorcycles exploring the jungle


Me sitting along the edge of Lake Superior, wishing I could see Pictured Rocks, but it was a cloudy day.


Me practicing yoga on Lake Superior with Dave


Enjoying the day off ceremony in the Jungle, outside  Iquitos, Peru


4 day hike to Machu Picchu in Peru


El Bolson, Argentia – The Patigonia


Lake Superior fun


Cafe in Ecuador break.

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Element Astrology & Our new element collection

In astrology there is a larger classification of the twelve astrology signs. Earth, wind, air, and fire make up the 4 groups of signs that help us gain insight to some of the more general traits of each.

Air signs are Gemini, Aquarius and Libra.

Water signs are Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.

Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Earth signs are represented by Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

We have designed a new collection of element necklaces made with reclaimed wood & gemstone. Each necklace has been formulated with a specific stone type & wood species to aid each element’s unique journey.


The Water Element Necklace

Water people are the emotional signs. Feeling their way through life with their heart as their guide, scorpio, pisces, and cancer make up this group of the constellations. They can drown in the sadness of life’s dark side; or swim through the joy of infinite bliss.

Our water sign necklace is made with sodalite & reclaimed black walnut wood. Click here to see it in our store.

Black Walnut Wood is a tree of empowerment. Giving you the strength to lead your own journey, without the influence of others.

Sodalite is a high vibrational stone that boosts intuition. Allows one to “follow their gut” in life and have meaningful results.

The combination of empowerment and intuition boosts both a water signs positives and negatives, helping them to evolve further into happiness and truth. Click here to see the water sign necklace


The Air Element Necklace

Air people are the intellects. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius philosophize, analyze, and perceive their way through the situations given to them. Flowing with the wind, air people can collect and spread information and communicate with all, but also fly away in in their own world.

Our air necklace is crafted with reclaimed cherry wood, and amazonite stone.

Cherry Wood is grounding, bring the air’s focus to a center for the best use of brain power.

Amazonite brings love & communication. Known as the stone of courage & truth.

The combination of cherry & amazonite allows air signs to focus their energy, and boost their positive qualities. Click Here to see the Air sign Necklace


The Fire Element Necklace

Air people are the active ones. They’re always going, going, going. They’re the ones to shoot first and ask questions later. Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries are the firery – burning passion driven astrology signs.

Our fire element necklace is made with red cedar wood & red tiger’s eye gemstone.

Cedar is a tree of protection & strength. One of the four sacred medicines in the native american culture.

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal of wisdom & courage.

This hybrid combo for the fire element means protection of their active path, and the wisdom and courage to navigate in the best way possible. Click here to see the fire sign necklace


The Earth Element Necklace

Earth People are the grounded, “down to earth” type element signs. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Sometimes too grounded or stubborn. Practical, opportunistic and sometimes hard to convince. Earth signs assess all aspects in terms of goals and expect tangible results from tangible actions.

We chose reclaimed Mulberry wood & Jade stone for this element.

Mulberry is a species of balance.

Jade is a stone of abundance and wisdom.

Click here to see the earth necklace

– – –

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How to Benefit as a VIP Member with Mystical Makings

There have been a few changes in the past month that our subscribers may have noticed, and that others may want to know about.. Dave and I are working each day to provide our followers with information to allocate natural healing and distributing sustainable healing accessories. We put a lot of work into this and we are learning how to pace ourselves! In doing so, we assembled a new model to bring our most captivating jewelry and natural products to those who want to join the tribe. The changes to our subscriber list brings us to our newest and best version of subscription – The VIP Member list.This new edition to Mystical Makings is going to give you the best of what we have to offer. Here is how to benefit from it. —-Join

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4 Simple Healing Tools to Include into your Daily Life


It’s only natural that we humans become easily distracted from the core being of our truth. We believe that we have myriad of roles or responsibilities to navigate through the current state of society. Is this all to life? No. It’s time we revisit the sacred intelligence.

  1. The Power of your Mind

Stop obsessing and over-stressing. It’s simple, really. Who is forcing you to pay this bill or that bill? No one. You have the power. You are the power. You are in full control. Turn the t.v off and go outside for a breather. Let’s ask ourselves, are we stuck in a daily cycle of the same ol’ routine? Or are we allowing ourselves to be free to do what makes us happy? Are we feeding our minds with inspiration or with whatever is on the television?

Every morning, I start my day with a little meditation. This is a new healthy habit I made for myself. I start by imagining abundance rolling in at enormous amounts. I play it all out in my mind. I think about all the people I may run into, and the big smiles that we exchange. The connections we make. The support we give each other. Then, I go about my day and well, it happens!

The Power of our Mind is something so fragile, and we typically don’t tend to it. Have you been saying lately, “I’m broke. I can’t afford that.” Then, it’s true! Just try this with me, and really, don’t be afraid, you wont hurt yourself. Tell yourself out loud right now, “I am rich!” Now say, “I am worth it!” Because you are. You have the Power of your Mind to avoid complaining and saying you’re broke, and now say you are worth it and you are rich. Now, watch your dreams roll in… The Power of the Mind.. What a beautiful healing tool.

2. The Power of Raw Foods

This is the most obvious one that slips our minds regularly. How much “raw” food are you eating? The Kind of food that is filled with antioxidants and enzymes that keep your mind sharp and your skin glowing? Well, how much sugar, soda, or processed crackers or meat are you eating? Oh, this is one that I see many people choose to set aside, due to the hormone additions in the processed foods, especially dairy and meat. Friends, I have to say once you pick up this healing tool, and start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, it is very easy to see in peoples faces who are still eating sugar, meat and dairy. They have large dark bags under their eyes, younger people will show more grey hair (unless they cover it with dyes and harmful chemicals,) skin color is pale, and their posture is slouched. So I want to share the Power of Raw Foods. Eat fresh living raw foods and watch your body and mind thrive. You’ll grow with confidence with this precious healing tool – The Power of Raw Foods. This brings us to connect to the next tool, the Power of Movement.

3. The Power of Movement

Move it. Are you feeling love for that stranger next to you? Oh, have you stretch your upper body this morning to open your heart area? Yikes. This takes us back to the posture issue. If you see someone slouching, beware. Their heart may be severely closed. It is so important to stretch and move your body to get the blood flowing. Well, now that we are eating raw foods, we need to get those nutrients flowing to all parts of the body? Right? Dave and I practice at least a half hour of yoga daily. This has become a routine for us that we don’t dare miss. It opens our body up, allows us to think clearly, and not to mention, avoid back pains and headaches!! Im thinking back to the times when I didnt stretch everyday. That was a time in my life when I felt very closed off, and had many toxic thoughts. So stretch, move, walk and dance, every. single. day.


4. The Power of Crystals

I wrote a number of articles about this subject, but because it is such a highly valued object by spiritual leaders, scientists, and now to us, it’s worth a revisit. Ancients believed these stones are alive and I believe it as well. Crystals amplify whatever intent or channel you put into it. This can take us back to tool #1. The Power of the Mind. If you decided it is time for a positive transformation in your life, use The Power of the Mind to put that intent into your crystal and allow it amplify that exact frequency.

The Power of Crystals is what I’m passionate about. I’ve spent a good part of my life studying and understanding them. I’ve examined other peoples experiences with them. This manifestation of creators most magical gift is what leads me to the point of where I am today – Sharing the healing experience with others in the form of jewelry. I noticed that it takes time to build a relationship with a crystal to experience it as its highest qualities as a healing tool. So, I make it into jewelry to keep the tool in your aura for an extended period of time. I make them into hemp, because there are not synthetic fibers, and no interactions with metals, allowing the crystal to freely vibrate at its purest frequency. Use the Power of Crystals as a healing tool in your day to day life. Check out our Healing Crystal Jewelry in our shop!


There you have it. 4 very simple healing tools to use every day. These are simple tools we often forget that we have access to. I like to recommend to everyone to write these down in a small journal. Everyday remind yourself of numbers 1 – 4. reflect at the end of the day if you have notice a difference.  Did you feel like a better version of yourself? Are you weeding out the things in our life that no longer serve you?

Comment below to share your experience! We would love to hear it!

Blessings – Emily



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Blessings 💕

My Prayers for Standing Rock

Water is Life

The people of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, my heart and spirit is with you.

We all knew that this time was coming soon. Where the division of the people and the big corporations separate, due to our connection to the land, and their selfish greed.

I can’t imagine there are people out there who do not feel the pain that they do. That I do. To the water warriors who are there, fighting day and night, Miigwetch to you. Everyday I shed tears and drowned in the sorrows of what has become of this. To the people who have left their families, jobs, school, and life behind, to fight for what is sacred, I honor you.

These times are difficult for the spirit, to work with what is happening, and all that has repeated itself in history, and lack of respect for our natives. The physical and spiritual violence that has been continuously occurring. The struggle for the Natives has been going on since the white settlers have arrived on this land. They have died, and been abused for the selfish white wealth expansion.

Our peaceful people are up against the evil corporation, now. Stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline to carry a half of billion of barrels of oil, daily, crossing the Missouri river and Lake Oahe, near the reservation, with high dangers of this breaking and leaking into the waters. I want to be there more than anything right now, as I’m sure many can relate. In the meantime of fixing up our vehicle, and contemplating plans to go support, We have tried other ways to help in this peaceful protest. We have donated money, but in my heart, it does not seem to be enough. Something more is needed.

Mni Wiconi

I call upon my ancestors. I hold your pain from what has happened in the past, when your land was first taken away, and what is happening now, as you teach me the past and present are intertwined. I am connecting to you, my ancestors. Teach me who I am, and where I am going. How can I be a warrior too? More work is needed.

I call upon the four sacred medicines. Sage, Migwetch for working with our troubled minds to bring us peace. Cedar, thank you for purifying us, to keep us clear minded and staying focused. Tobacco, thank you for giving us strength, and sweet grass. Thank you for bringing me hope and keeping me positive. That is a very important thing to do right now. I work with these medicines, yet my heart still says, more is needed.

I call forth my spirit animal, The Blue Heron. Your great strength is needed. The one who is the peacemaker. Every time he flies over, he brings good luck. I wave my Blue Heron feather to distribute my sage smoke and he brings stability and harmony. His grace and tactfulness is a reminder to think about the good things coming. He takes away our anger and negative energy. More is needed.

I call upon my friends, family, and all those who may be reading this. We must stand together and do everything in our power. This earth, is an earth we all share. It is the only one we have and we must respect it. Share videos on facebook, go to goodwill and buy supplies the warriors may need. Get a group of people together and go stand in numbers. We are in this together.

Below are some important links to engage in. Supply lists, and donation. If you have any other ways of helping, please comment below and share.

Check out these photos from the camp – http://wnpr.org/post/photos-visit-standing-rock-pipeline-protest-camp-north-dakota






The Healing Box that will Take you to the Next Level

Here at Mystical Makings, we make crystal healing easy and fashionable. Wearing your healing tools is the most convenient way to proceed with your day with a peaceful mind or advancing your spiritual vision, and that is our goal; To bring you the highest quality crystals to connect you to the best version of yourself. Now, we are excited to present our newest product line in a package;

The Cosmic Consciousness Healing Box.

This box includes 3 main items. This is what they are, and what they can bring to you.

  • Labradorite Necklace

This is – The Power of Spiritual Vision. Labradorite aligns and re-calibrates the physical and subtle etheric bodies to higher frequency energy to shield you from detrimental external influences. Attunes the souls purpose, and connects you to the greatest part of your soul. Allows you to see things for what they really are.

  •  Magnetic & Crystal Therapy Bracelet

This Bracelet contains Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Labradorite Crystals to increase your  level of intuition. Releases past negative emotions and protects from negativity. Allows you to walk about your day with increased awareness. The Clasps are magnetic which brings peace to the nervous system. The connection between the Crystals and Magnets may bring one to a higher energy frequency.

  • Dream Crystal Pouch

This pouch contains two crystals – Snow Quartz & Prehnite. Hold these crystals in your hand. Set your intentions for you dreams in the astral plane. Place them under your pillow and dream away.

  • Optional Additional Item – At checkout, you may choose to add your personal astrology bracelet. This will help you to connect to your very own constellation in the stary night skies. For additional information on your astrology crystal bracelet, and how it can help you, see our Astrology Page.


Each Item included in the box comes with full instructions on how to work with them. The list of benefits are endless. Each set will work with each individual in their own way, as we all our on our own journey. Check out the set and view more photos by clicking below.

Cosmic Consciousness Healing Box Set in Shop


Wearing the Power of Spiritual Vision

This iridescent stone with flashes of the cosmos is one that I never leave home without. It is protection. It is harnessing the power. It is the stone of your unique spiritual vision. This is the legendary power of Labradorite.

This stone’s intuitive wisdom balances analysis and rationality with inner knowing and perceptive insight. Labradorite goes to the core of a matter and brings up suppressed issues for resolution. It will banishes fear.

In my experience in selling these in person and online, this is always the first pendant that people are drawn to, and for good reason. Labradorite aligns and re-calibrates the physical and subtle etheric bodies to higher frequency energy to shield you from detrimental external influences.  It allows us to walk in public and around family or friends without picking up anyone else’s energetic junk, by blocking their projections, and removing mental or other hooks from your aura.

Labradorite heals dis-eases and migraines. Balances hormones, regulates metabolism and relieves PMS.It is used to heal inflammatory conditions. This necklace is worn over the higher heart chakra, which has been known to protect one from colds.

This is Labradorite. Attune to your souls purpose. Connect to the greatest part of your soul. Wear Labradorite.

All of our pendants are handmade with 100% high quality natural hemp, unlike other jewelry that is made with metals that may interfere with the frequencies of the stone.

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Joining the Etsy Community


Due to popularity and requests, we have joined the Etsy Community! All Astrology and Element Bracelets are listed there. Our most commonly purchased items such as crystal earrings, and popular pendants such as Labradorite and Mulberry/ Pietersite can be found there as well. Please welcome us to the Etsy scene by checking out our shop and clicking “favorite shop.” All other products and rare pendants can still be found on our main shop Mystical Makings.

Product descriptions and healing attributes are listed for each product in detail. This is a great opportunity to do holiday shopping as you read through and think of people to give a gift of healing for. For any question, send us an email!


-Emily & Dave