Why I Love You, Scorpio

Oh, Passionate Scorpio,

Some stars may know you as deceptive or revengeful.. But I know you deeper than that, Scorpio.

Your intelligence and power is honored and your clear vision is mysterious. Your will to always strive for something higher is recognized. You’re intrigued to investigate the yin and the yang.

You possess the power to transform. You never give up in life, despite the traumas that may follow you, and that is why I love you, Scorpio.

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Why I Love You, Libra

The thing that touches my heart when speaking to you, Libra, is that you are so accommodating, kind, and respectful.
As your symbol expresses, I do notice that you are always striving for equality, justice and balance.
Your intellectual soul is just amazing to be around.
I love to get crafty with you, Libra, because you are quite artistic in many ways and I always learn so much from you since your ruler, Venus causes you to express deeply within your heart ❀
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Why I Love You, Leo

My majestic Leo,

I love you for your courage. You’re nobility and fearlessness takes my breath away.

Your big dreams and hard word really does make this world a better place. Your affectionate, bright and beautiful.

Your reputation of self awareness and consciousness is very humbling.

Your openness, warmth and joy really makes me love you, Leo.

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Why I love You, Cancer

My Dear Cancer,

You’re so gentle. You’re self protective as your symbol, the crab suggests with their shell.

I love you, Cancer, because you wont allow yourself to get hurt. You’re sensitive so you’re able to retreat when you have had enough, emotionally.

You’re mind is rather quirky and complex. You feel things deeply, and think deeply, but many don’t know that about you, because you reserve yourself from the world.

That’s why I love you, Cancer. I don’t know what you’re feeling or thinking, but I know that you are moving about in life efficiently and carefully. You’re safe and secure in much of what you do in life. I respect and love you for that, Cancer.

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Why I Love You, Virgo

Your self sufficiency is not the only reason why I love you, Virgo.

It’s not that you are such a clean freak and nit-picky about perfecting your work.

It’s that you’re an angel.

You’re intentions are so pure, that you will always go out of your way to help people.. More accurately, you have devoted your life in providing service for others.

You’re strong sense of responsibility brings order to this world.

You are one of the sweetest and kind of the Zodiac, Virgo, and that is why I love you

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Why I Love You, Gemini

Hey, Gemini.

I just wanted to say that I love having conversations with you. You’re so easy to talk to, being inquisitive and responsive, and all. Our chats always turn into the wonders and possibilities of the world.

You’re filled with all the answers.

You have two twins on your side, making you so adaptable and versatile. You’re so witty and entertaining, making you one of my favorite #zodiac signs. I love you, Gemini! β™ŠπŸ’•βœ¨πŸŒ™

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Why I Love You, Taurus

I always love chatting with Taurus people. They are so down to Earth, yet set in stone.

They are dependable and always willing to help in anyway they can, at least in my experience.

I love Taurus people because they are always down for good food, comfy blankies and the smell of flowers.

I highly respect them since they love to relax and “chill” but also work very very hard! SHARE if you love Taurus people!

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Why I Love You, Aries.

My favorite things about Aries?Where do I start?

First off, I love how brave they are, and always willing to take lead in situations. That energetic flame in them inspires me to get things done. Just get it done.

They are easy to talk to because they are direct and straightforward, never holding back.

I’ve always felt a child like spirit in the Aries people I meet, always knowing how to have fun and laugh in any situation.

I can feel that flame in myself, just by being around them. I love you, Aries friends ❀ Buy Featured Aries Mug


Do YOU need more LOVE?

Well…. Do you?

Many of us are operating on other emotions throughout the work week. We’re so busy we forget to love ourselves, each other, and the planet in general. Love always wins, Love is the answer, LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED! We’ve all heard those expressions, but until you arrive to the party they seem like convenient sayings that just sound nice.

We’ve created a power pendant for LOVE.

Our new line of Rose Quartz Pendants combine the energy of gemstones and trees to boost your vibes.Β 

Rose Quartz + Walnut Wood

IMG_7046.JPGBlack Walnut is a tree of empowerment. Allowing you to follow your own path in life.

– Hung on an adjustable or fixed length hemp chord.
– Pendant is approximately 2 inches tall by 1 inch wide.
– Made with reclaimed walnut wood.

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Rose Quartz + Oak Wood

img_7038Oak is a wood of strength and courage.

– Hung on an adjustable or fixed length hemp chord.
– Pendant is approximately 2 inches tall by 1 inch wide.
– Made with reclaimed oak wood.

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Rose Quartz + Red Cedar


Cedar is a wood of wisdom.

– Hung on an adjustable or fixed length hemp chord.
– Pendant is approximately 2 inches tall by 1 inch wide.
– Made with reclaimed cedar wood.

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One Love – x3

Hope you can walk a path full of love, light, and happiness with these tools.



You’re into Crystals? You might want to read this.

In 2017, most of us are familiar with crystal’s vibrations. In this article, we’ll be reviewing various forms of both good and bad frequencies that we may take for granted. You see crystals aren’t the only player in this path of healing. Let’s dive deeper shall we?

Essential Oils

Perhaps you’ve seen the charts with measured frequencies of blends and pure oils like the one below. These measurements are taken with devices that can detect the wavelengths, therefore the life force, chi, prana, aether, energy, etc. There are many names for this force that flows through all organic matter. Essential oils are pure extracts from various plants. Being the concentrated form of an already high vibrational being, these oils can heal, protect, and ultimately raise your quality of life.



Sure, everyone knows to eat healthy. That’s old news! But wait, there’s another aspect most don’t consider. The vibrational quality. While thinking about crystals, and other frequencies, one can overlook what goes directly inside our body. All matter in this universe consists of sound, light, and frequency. A fried or cooked vegetable for example is going to have much lower resonance than a fresh, raw one. Processed foods, meat from animals, sugar, overly cooked meals, and the wide range of junk food that is available at our convenience all have a monumental consequence on our body, mind, and spirit due to it’s low vibrational qualities.Β  Just like we wouldn’t pour water into our car’s gas tank, we don’t want to be putting these “bad vibes” into the most important component of our existence in this realm, our body.


What state your mind is in can be measured in wavelengths as well. Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta waves. Beta is what we spend most of our waking life in, while the others occur during deep relaxation, REM sleep, and deep sleep. Having fearful, anxious, hateful, or any type of “negative” thoughts can induce a harmfully fast beta wave making it hard to operate with your full potential. While experiencing all thoughts and feelings is important to deep thinking and evolution, avoiding an abundance and maintaining balance is key.

Cell Phones

Ever heard of an SAR rating? It’s the amount of radiation you’re receiving from your cell phone. Smart phones have the highest. These frequencies have been linked to “possible” brain damage and other disruptions. While I cannot come out and say that these frequencies will cause cancer and brain damage due to legal reasons, I can say it’s something I opt out of entirely by using a “dumb phone” and simply checking my notifications when home at my laptop.


The best medicine is in the woods. Breathe deep, think deep. Studies have shown that being in nature is therapeutic on many levels. The sounds and sights induce brain waves that calm us down and de-stress. Get out there, go on a walk, run, or your own little vision quest!


Water is life. We’re made out of it. The quality of the water you are drinking plays a huge role in health and spirituality. Alkaline water with a PH level higher than 7.5 hydrates your body quicker. Bad quality water is just better for you. This is no ground breaking news to you I’m sure. Did you know water changes with emotions? Dr Emoto froze water saying different phrases to it like “I love you” or “I hate you”,Β  and the results were astonishing. You may have heard about this man through the Spirit Science videos. I’ll let you do the math on this final point. Yes, I’m giving you homework. If emotions affect water, and we’re made of it…..what does that mean for us?

I hope you enjoyed this read. While staying mindful of all of these practices, a high vibrational crystal will always be your friend through this journey. Find the right piece here on our shop.






Unplug from Illusion – 4 Ways to Create Space and Happiness.

In our modern society, there are countless trains of destructive thoughts, followings, and substances that inhibit us from reaching the love within. However these roadblocks reach us, they stop us from going within, healing our wounds, or just plain thinking deeply to reach a better understanding of life.

I want to share with you a few ways I have “unplugged from the matrix” that has kept my mind clear, enabling me to move forward with my journey. You see, there are so many “false finish lines” or dead end roads to take that will leave you high and dry when it comes to fulfillment, balance, and happiness. Not only that, but the distractions we all are subjected to on a daily basis morph our priorities into empty, meaningless goals that ultimately ruin our body, mind, and spirit. To say in short, the dark side is working very hard against us.

Stop Destructive Consumption

The most obvious and overlooked aspect is what we consume. Whether it be food, or a television show, the things we put in our body and mind have a massive impact on our ability and desire to work on ourselves to achieve true happiness.

1. Smartphones – These devices carry so many apps and attention grabbers. Bringing these devices with us through our daily life is a sure way to get distracted and sucked into the false reality the “bad guys” are portraying. Switch to a “dumb phone”. They have a smaller SAR rating (specific absorption rate) which means you are subjected to less radiation. Each smart phone has a different level of radiation and harmful waves it pumps into your brain and electromagnetic field, or aura. If you are into crystals, you know about vibrations and frequency. The waves that are flowing through your temple due to these devices affect your body, mind and spirit in a massive way. I’ve found by switching to an older phone, I save money by not having a data plan and a phone that breaks each year, and time by not being distracted by these “notifications”. Nature has many notifications waiting for you right NOW. You may want to check them.

2. Alcohol – We’ve all heard that if “you booze, you loose”. Well, I have found this to be all too true. The culture, the people, and the substance itself each have their own particular effects on our total being. On a physical level, it is linked to cancer, and is known to affect every single organ in your body. On a spiritual level, it pollutes your mind and motivation, making it hard to move forward in life. It covers emotions that need to be processed by a sober mind in order to avoid burying them and causing problems later in life. If you put down the bottle, you’ll find that life becomes more clear and easy to navigate.

3. Television – This is a no brainer for many of us. Even for people still watching daily are aware of it’s degrading influence, yet justify it in many ways deeming it innocent “entertainment”. Though it’s far from it. Cultural programming, destructive belief systems, and many other distractions are subliminally hidden, waiting to concur your better judgement. Once TV is rid from your daily life, deep thinking and self work can occur much easier.

4. Animals & Animal Products – If you are familiar with the chakra system, you may know that the root chakra is the area that deals with instinct, ego, survival, and other low vibrational emotions. When this chakra is too strong, we behave like animals. This is largely due to what we consume. You can find a dead, tortured animal that lived it’s life in fear on most people’s plates three times a day. These vibrations don’t disappear, but transfer into us, feeding our lower emotions. Animals operate on these basic levels of existence. Survival, instinct, and others. By opting out of this energy intensive form of protein, we can in turn unplug, and focus more on ourselves and not what is put into us.


With these major setbacks now in the past, we are free to think, and act as the spiritual beings we strive to be. Try 2 or more of these paths, and you will feel the power. Try all four and get ready to walk your rainbow path.



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Break Away from the Herd

Why you Need a High Vibrational Crystal

Astrology – Evolve or Enable.

I’ve heard it many times, when someone refers to their astrology sign in a negative way as if their habits or bad behavior is fate and cannot be changed. Almost an excuse for what they have done or said, or a way they usually act. “Oh, I’m a cancer, so that’s why I do that”

This enabling mindset is what I believe to be just another small aspect or belief system standing in the way of our evolution. Instead of accepting the bad qualities of your sign, acknowledge them and find a new way around them. Deprogram these poor qualities and pitfalls of your nature and improve upon them.

I am a gemini for example. The twins. My sign can be two faced, indecisive, and scatter-brained. There was a point in my life where I lead two completely opposite and different lifestyles. I was playing in an angry heavy metal band with a bad message, while working for a peaceful non profit working to protect our water. This was when I was very unbalanced. I managed to manifest a bad quality of my sign, and ended up unhappy. Long story short I quit both polar opposites and started seeking truth and joy.

Each sign has bad habits. Though on the other side of the spectrum there are the benefits of your zodiac. You are dealt a cosmic hand of cards when you are born, and how you manage them is up to you. For me, it took the manifestation of that bad balance to learn what I can truly become. These bad habits can almost act as a marker of where to begin in self improvement. If you are too judgemental, perhaps you need to work on understanding. If you are too sporadic, you need to work on planning ahead. These characteristics don’t need to be extinguished although, only if they are causing problems. All traits of the zodiacs, whether good or bad, is what makes our beautiful collection of humans.

So dig a little deeper next time you encounter a behavioral problem in yourself that you don’t like. Ask yourself how you can improve.

I’m curious of your experience. Comment below with any of your views or encounters with this subject.

–Β  Dave

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