Chakra Awakening with Crystals

Open the pools of energy that lie within – feel the light and truth that exists in all of us.



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Ground yourself through your root chakra with Garnet – passion, romantic love and self confidence.

Increase creativity through your sacral chakra with Carnelian – harmony and creativity.

Balance your emotions through your solar plexus with Yellow Quartzite – emotional warmth and inner work.

Learn unconditional love with your heart chakra with Aventurine – calmness, prosperity and balance.

Communicate with the knowledge of the self through the throat chakra withturquoise howlite – emotional expression and awareness.

Search your spiritual purpose in your third eye with Lapis Lazuli – inner truth, intuition and higher consciousness.

Discover enlightenment through your crown chakra with Amethyst – inner peace of healing – mind, body and soul and deeper meditations.

Add in Rose Quartz to create a state of peace, and love.

Awaken your chakras today by clicking here.




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