Good Medicine for the land and People Alike

We have returned to native land from Canyon Land Moab, and Salt Lake City, Utah. Combining the love of a families wedding and the red rock wonders, we wanted to stay forever! We wanted to share with you some inspirations of the trip;


Walking through the deserts, it appeared to be empty and lonely, but the land was very peaceful, and shy. Once you had the opportunity to know it, life would appear. The yellow thrifty Goldenweed stood up straight bringing brightness to the eyes. The deep red Claretcup Cacti flowers brought beauty all around.

13043556_10206128217310000_8798178384370791524_n (1)

The most intriguing part for me, however, was the ingredients the desert chose to make her most attractive and romantic perfumes. First, she chose a base of fresh, and crisp night air. Then, the pure hearted shrub of Mountain Pepperplant that had a slight scent of peppermint was mixed with the Juniper tree vortexes. All together it smelled so heavenly under the moonlight.


Sagebrush, which smells stronger than common sage, fills the meadows and other mountain areas. It has been used to kill parasites in humans, and also provides beautiful smells across the land


The mineral kingdom is very strong here. Utah contains a lot of dinosaur bones, geodes, agates and jaspers.


The wild west filled our hearts with amazement and wonder. We discovered new rocks, and woods so be prepared for new products inspired by Utah! Here are some more photos of the trip;


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