Learning from your Spiritual Friend

286f2d946e60b55f7a0c7e69bcb3ae14Native Americans call the process of connecting with animal guides and other parts of creation as being “One with Nature.” The knowledge and power of animal guides is alive and can be effectively used to improve our lives and all creation. Learning the traits of an animal, you may begin to see the world and all things in it with more clarity and understanding. 

Animals are wondrous happy creatures. There is no doubt that animals have beautiful, balanced emotions. They love and defend one another. They feel sorrow. Yet, there has never been a war between animal species. They know nothing about greed, envy, and hate. They live their entire lives without sin.

They have many amazing powers and use those powers only to benefit their kind and not to overcome their opponents. There is a reason why the Creator put all of us together on the same planet. Part of that reason is to learn from one another.

Animals are here to teach humans.  They have many powerful lessons to give.  They remind us that we are only a small part of creation; that each part of creation has a place; that each creature has its own skill and wisdom.  

For the learning process to begin we must develop a relationship with one or more animal guides 65540-bigthumbnail
and this requires time and patience.  This does not mean you must be with the animal physically.  But instead, will learn about the traits, habits, skills and spirit of the animal from afar.  As with any new knowledge, practice is important to hone learning into a useful skill.  The rewards will be understanding, love, light energy, skillful knowledge and wisdom. 

The reward is having a powerful spiritual friend.

Learning the power of animal teachers is what inspired me to create art. I connect to the wolf, the crane, bison, (and many more.) I woodburn them onto the spirit of the tree in hopes others can learn from them as well. Personally, the crane is my biggest animal teacher. I watch him just about everyday, here at the lake. I envy his precision as he stands carefully and patiently while he waits for the perfect catch. When he flies away so gracefully,  taking nothing with him. I dream that one day I too, can be so graceful and patient. I ask his for feathers, and he leaves them for me. I believe that he knows I must learn from him.

Here are some images of my work so far. You can purchase them in the store by clicking here



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