The Gypsy Goddess Festival

Yoga, drum circles, acupuncture, crystals, aromatherapy, music and reiki healing are just a few of the events that went on at the Gypsy Goddess Festival in Chesaning, Michigan, June 4 – 5th. This was the first festival that Dave and I attended as we open our minds, working to expand from our Farmers Markets and craft shows. We are glad that we did!

The exhibit was filled with beautiful smells of sage and essential oils in the morning, as other vendors set up. We drank our coffee, and sat up our booth and made friends with our neighbor, a bee keepers who sold amazing salves and honey. She is working toward the same goal as us, saving up for a piece of land. It was great to meet another person among our generation who is also passionate about sustainable farming. Our neighbor across the hall from us made beautiful instruments, sitars, and drums (I ended up buying a hand drum from him – yay!)

Every person who approached our booth had a beautiful smile on their face. The place was filled with such great energy and positive vibes. Many people were very interested in our astrology and element bracelets, and wanted to learn more. I prepared the week before and had plenty of stock, but after the first day – I was out! As I promised many people I would have their sign available on Sunday. So I went home and got busy with my macrame hands and even worked on them at 6:30 in the morning! (you’re welcome!) And again, apologies to all of the Aquarians, there were SO many of you, I couldn’t keep up! ❤

Dave was able to talk about the medicinal and vibrational qualities of the wood species he enjoys working with. For example, Black Walnut helps to increase love and metal acuity (so you can cook food for your family with love!) People also really enjoyed the eating spoons, and I have to admit, it does feel really nice to eat with a wooden spoon.

Overall, it was a very successful event for us. It is one we will certainly be attending next year, and we hope to see everyone again! Peace and blessings



4 thoughts on “The Gypsy Goddess Festival

  1. I loved meeting you and listening to you and Dave talk about your products. I purchased a water bracelet along with a Pisces bracelet and I love them! Thank you!


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