Last spring moments

Kissing the gentleness of spring goodbye as we step into summer with leftover grace and new strength. The farmers markets have been kind to us. We love seeing our regular customers and familiar faces at the Downtown Owosso Farmers market, and we enjoy the crowd at the Williamston Farmers market. Now we take this opportunity of the intensity of summer to build new bridges and spread the love of Mystical Makings to new people.


As we’ve learned expansion with the Gypsy Festival in Cheasening, Dave and I will be exibiting our crafts at similar festivals and shows. This weekend, Friday though Saturday we will be at the Holistic festival in Mount Clemons. Since it is a 3 day show, we will be camping out.

Why have we decided to expand away from our hometown markets?

Lets say on average we have 250 people attend the farmers market each day (that a wild guess, correct me if I’m wrong.)

With two market days a week, that allows us to reach 500 people total. Maybe half of those people make it to our booth, half of them are interested, and half of those interested people make a purchase.
It’s tricky, because most people expect to go to the farmers market to buy things from farmers, and not always crafters.

At craft shows and festivals, We choose to go to those that are in highly populated areas, where there will be 1000 to 3000 people attending each day. Our odds are better here, especially hoping these people come expecting to make a purchase from crafters.


Farmers market friends and family, don’t worry! We will still be attending throughout the summer on a regular basis.

So moving toward more shows with a higher population, this means more products must be made.

Dave has been carving longer periods of the day and as for myself, I make about 10 to 30 bracelets a day, and throwing in the necklaces and earrings when possible.

It will be exciting to see how this turns out, and to meet new people.

Thank goodness for the strength of our sun, giving us light and energy for longer periods of days, the abundance of food in our garden to keep us nourished, and the waters for keeping us refrshed.

Happy summer solstice





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