market transformation 

Standing all around me are the people I am thankful for. The earth has many families. Families of trees, families of birds, families of four legged animals. I belong to the family of my people. We gather here in this area at the market on this very day each week. The fruit of life and vegetables are provided, meals are shared, crafts are admired, and healing smiles are exchanged under the summer sun. 

I am thankful for my family of people. We gather here together to share many joyful greetings and gifts.
The fresh coffee that a farmer in another part of the world harvested, so it can be roasted and brewed here, and now we may sip on its awakening liquid. 

The strawberry season, to enjoy the raw sweetness of nature, all because a farmer picked them early on a summers market day. 

Fresh baked bread made with love and care.

The hand made crafts that people made with their bare hands, so we can learn and know about the interesting things in life.

There are many other joys, but it will be left to each individual to look into their own heart to find such thankfulness. 

It warms my heart that this is being experienced by my family, the people, all over the world.

I am thankful for my people, the land, and the good life that we live here on earth. 



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