Checking in! What we’ve been up to this week

Since the start of spring, this has been our first weekend off! We took a little vacation and went to visit the Jijak foundation, for the Sweetgrass moon powwow. It was so refreshing to get in touch with my culture, see good friends, and be around so much sacredness! The fire, the dances, the elders, the knowledge, the traditional crafts, and much more! We even entered a canoe race, the ricing style, with a long ricing stick (no paddles.) We didn’t win of course, but it was a lot of fun! 

After two nights of camping there, we headed out to check out Sagatuk. We did a little hiking and walked along lake Michigan. Shortly after we decided we wanted to visit Holland again, so we camped out there. It was such a beautiful weekend, full of culture and healing waters. 

Feelished refreshed, we jump right back into our crafts.I am restocking on Element and Astrology bracelets and adding a few, one of a kind pendants to the collection. Dave is carving on some cherry eating spoons. They are coming out amazing! 

Found a few more petoskeys. The 7 pendants I made last week almost sold out! If you want one, send and email quick, to reserve one!

We will not be at any farmers market this weekend. We will be at a 2 day show in Utica, at the Old Mills arts & crafts festival. Come by and check it out! 

Well, that is about it! We hope you had a great week too. Feel free to comment and share! 

Much love! 


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