Revealing Secrets; My Life as a Scorpio

Mysterious, shy, joyful, erotic, powerful, isolated and intimidating all at once? Yes. Chaotic and blissful at the same time? I’m revengeful, merciless and gentle. I’m deeper than the sea. This is me, and I have secrets to reveal. Not all, but just what you need to know. Have I intrigued you yet?


My First Scorpion Secret:

I throw myself into anything to get what I want. But don’t try to get me to commit to something I don’t feel is worthy enough. This Scorpion was born under the fall sun, which granted me willpower. I will get anything I want because I work hard to get it, and I wont go out and grab it at the wrong time. I am resourceful, fixed and focused. My hands and feet get dirty and I am proud of that. If I’m intrigued, I’ll investigate. My intuition tells me to never give up.

My Second Secret

Everyone knows the Scorpio as the “sex freak” which is, well, half true. Hold on.. I am “The Mystery,” don’t forget.  You should know, my trust is hard to gain. So hard, that everyone is suspicious until proven otherwise. You may not know that because that poker face I wear so often. I need to make sure my heart never gets broken. My second Scorpion secret is that I am addicted to MEANINGFUL intercourse. So, I fell in love with someone I could grow with. We did. When that one person came into my life and I was shown unconditional love, we made mind blowing love. Moving from the sign of Libra, It’s my nature to love deeply. It’s a good thing he has impressive speaking skills, because that is what I am really attracted to. Anyways, my passionate loyalty will never be forsaken.

My Third Secret

I will adventure in the the dark depths of the unknown. Life is a never ending tour. My eagle eye and Scorpion stinger allows me to be fearless. This earth is so small, and I plan on exploring all of it that I haven’t already (couldn’t do it without my sweetheart along my side of course.)  Sometimes, this planet gets a bit boring, so off into the astral dream world I go. There is so much to explore in time and space. After that, I am willing to pick up any craft or activity and give it a go. If it doesn’t turn out perfect the first time, the chaotic storms that have been lying dormant deep inside may surface. It’s alright, because there are so many creative things to try.  As my dear Scorpion friend, Pablo Picasso says,

“I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”


My Fourth Secret

I. Feel. Everything. You were having a stressful day, weren’t you? Yes, I know. I can feel it all the way over here, and please. Get it together, so I can get on with my own emotions. My Cancer and Pisces friends may know what I am talking about. I am water. I am the tides of the Ocean, moved by this strange human experience, and I can feel your energy.  I’m tuned into the life forces. Those people out there who may lack an understanding of this precious human life can hurt me. Yoga, a vegan diet and gardening helps me to deal with this the most. Your happiness too.. Until then, keep your bad energy over there, because this Scorpio will not forgive you.

My Fifth Secret

Actually, that is all I will share with you. My inner world is too secretive, so I will keep the rest hidden for now. This is how I stay in control. Are you interested in knowing more? Ill share it all with you, but after a while. Or, in a few years, once you’ve shown me your truth and honesty.  Don’t take me lightly. I am fearless, and I will show you the mysteries of this universe.. If you can handle it.


My message to you: Be you! You were uniquely crafted. There is no one else in this world who is like you! Embrace your talents. Call out your flaws. We are humans and experiencing this dimension, full of life. We are here to evolve and make this a better place. What is your astrology message?

Check out my Astrology page to learn more about your sign. Try out one of my Astrology crystal Bracelet tools and welcome your inner powers.


Blessings & Love









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