Full Moon Influences and Water: The Hidden Truths.

Sleeplessness during the ascending full moon is often the norm for my partner and I. There is a strong magnetic like field that is created during these full moon times.The moon and the sun are directly opposite of each other, and we are directly in the center. Try to move out of it, and physical or mental accidents may occur.

As I woke up this morning,  on this rainy Sunday, I feel a huge shift in energy. So naturally, my Scorpio brains goes straight into analysis – even before coffee.

Grandmother Moon is at her fullest point at 12:23 a.m here in Michigan, on October 16th in Aries, demanding courage and action. It is raining, with a few thunderstorms, and she has something to say to us;


As a crystal healer, and a student of Biodynamic Agriculture,  understanding the influences of the Moon, as a piece of our solar system plays a big role. The Moon influences water. Think of Ocean Tides, and the Moon as a mover. The influences she has on us is even greater. We are made of up of a large percentage of water as well, which is why we are affected. Think of women’s menses, and how it is linked to the 28 day cycle of the Moon.

We know the Moon as the swayer of water here on planet Earth. So what happens as it rains during the full moon? In Biodynamic agriculture, this is an important time to sow seeds, as the connection between the Moon and water is distributed by lunar forces.

There was another interesting connection I made was during the sounds of thunder in the distance. Thunderstorms occur when the atmosphere is warmed, influenced by Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The mineral, Silica, is heightened at this time. Silica is what makes up the beautiful Quartz crystal along with oxygen. When Oxygen is removed, we have Silicon left, which makes up 28% of the Earths crust. Could there be more power within our Crystal collection we use for self healing?


I came to the conclusion that the energy is around us if very high, during the full moon, and a thunderstorm. The components of Quartz and the Earths crust is energetically strong, influenced by distant planets, and the lunar forces are being distributed by blessings of rain.

What do we do with this information? Don’t fight it. This is the time when Crimes and car accidents are most common, statically speaking. Stay open. Relax. Take time for yoga, and deep breaths. Consider eating a vegan diet, as the karma of the meat and dairy industry may harm you during these times. Charge your crystals outside. Leave them in the rain. They are greatly impacted at this time. Remain in a calm state to receive the positive affects. Remember, everything is amplified at this time. What will you choose to do?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Happy full Moon



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