Wearing the Power of Spiritual Vision

This iridescent stone with flashes of the cosmos is one that I never leave home without. It is protection. It is harnessing the power. It is the stone of your unique spiritual vision. This is the legendary power of Labradorite.

This stone’s intuitive wisdom balances analysis and rationality with inner knowing and perceptive insight. Labradorite goes to the core of a matter and brings up suppressed issues for resolution. It will banishes fear.

In my experience in selling these in person and online, this is always the first pendant that people are drawn to, and for good reason. Labradorite aligns and re-calibrates the physical and subtle etheric bodies to higher frequency energy to shield you from detrimental external influences.  It allows us to walk in public and around family or friends without picking up anyone else’s energetic junk, by blocking their projections, and removing mental or other hooks from your aura.

Labradorite heals dis-eases and migraines. Balances hormones, regulates metabolism and relieves PMS.It is used to heal inflammatory conditions. This necklace is worn over the higher heart chakra, which has been known to protect one from colds.

This is Labradorite. Attune to your souls purpose. Connect to the greatest part of your soul. Wear Labradorite.

All of our pendants are handmade with 100% high quality natural hemp, unlike other jewelry that is made with metals that may interfere with the frequencies of the stone.

Click here to find your personal Labradorite ally today.



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