My Prayers for Standing Rock

Water is Life

The people of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, my heart and spirit is with you.

We all knew that this time was coming soon. Where the division of the people and the big corporations separate, due to our connection to the land, and their selfish greed.

I can’t imagine there are people out there who do not feel the pain that they do. That I do. To the water warriors who are there, fighting day and night, Miigwetch to you. Everyday I shed tears and drowned in the sorrows of what has become of this. To the people who have left their families, jobs, school, and life behind, to fight for what is sacred, I honor you.

These times are difficult for the spirit, to work with what is happening, and all that has repeated itself in history, and lack of respect for our natives. The physical and spiritual violence that has been continuously occurring. The struggle for the Natives has been going on since the white settlers have arrived on this land. They have died, and been abused for the selfish white wealth expansion.

Our peaceful people are up against the evil corporation, now. Stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline to carry a half of billion of barrels of oil, daily, crossing the Missouri river and Lake Oahe, near the reservation, with high dangers of this breaking and leaking into the waters. I want to be there more than anything right now, as I’m sure many can relate. In the meantime of fixing up our vehicle, and contemplating plans to go support, We have tried other ways to help in this peaceful protest. We have donated money, but in my heart, it does not seem to be enough. Something more is needed.

Mni Wiconi

I call upon my ancestors. I hold your pain from what has happened in the past, when your land was first taken away, and what is happening now, as you teach me the past and present are intertwined. I am connecting to you, my ancestors. Teach me who I am, and where I am going. How can I be a warrior too? More work is needed.

I call upon the four sacred medicines. Sage, Migwetch for working with our troubled minds to bring us peace. Cedar, thank you for purifying us, to keep us clear minded and staying focused. Tobacco, thank you for giving us strength, and sweet grass. Thank you for bringing me hope and keeping me positive. That is a very important thing to do right now. I work with these medicines, yet my heart still says, more is needed.

I call forth my spirit animal, The Blue Heron. Your great strength is needed. The one who is the peacemaker. Every time he flies over, he brings good luck. I wave my Blue Heron feather to distribute my sage smoke and he brings stability and harmony. His grace and tactfulness is a reminder to think about the good things coming. He takes away our anger and negative energy. More is needed.

I call upon my friends, family, and all those who may be reading this. We must stand together and do everything in our power. This earth, is an earth we all share. It is the only one we have and we must respect it. Share videos on facebook, go to goodwill and buy supplies the warriors may need. Get a group of people together and go stand in numbers. We are in this together.

Below are some important links to engage in. Supply lists, and donation. If you have any other ways of helping, please comment below and share.

Check out these photos from the camp –







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