How to Benefit as a VIP Member with Mystical Makings

There have been a few changes in the past month that our subscribers may have noticed, and that others may want to know about.. Dave and I are working each day to provide our followers with information to allocate natural healing and distributing sustainable healing accessories. We put a lot of work into this and we are learning how to pace ourselves! In doing so, we assembled a new model to bring our most captivating jewelry and natural products to those who want to join the tribe. The changes to our subscriber list brings us to our newest and best version of subscription – The VIP Member list.This new edition to Mystical Makings is going to give you the best of what we have to offer. Here is how to benefit from it. —-Join

  1. ITS FREE. If you are already a Subscriber, you are already on the list. Whether you subscribed with us in person, or online, you are already on the list! Not on the list yet? Sign up! It’s absolutely free! Why would we want to charge you for your time anyways? You’re amazing, and your time is the greatest gift 🙂
  2. You are the first to know about the Free Giveaways we do weekly to monthly and take place on Facebook. Well, we don’t like to admit this, but Facebook filters out a lot of feed, especially from Pages. There is a very good chance that you may not see a Giveaway post on our facebook. We try to keep a consistent posting time but hey, we are humans too! So just in case, we shoot an email to our VIP members to let them know the time and place. Check out some of the amazing things we have been giving away for free here. Want to sign up yet?
  3. We love you more – just kidding. Well, a little bit. You’ve made a commitment with us so a way to benefit from joining the VIP list is that you get the BIGGER discount codes. Yes, we send out 10% here and there on Instagram and Facebook, but you are apart of our tribe so we will be giving you 15%-35% more. You’re sticking with us in this journey, and we love you for that. So bigger discount codes you get

It’s free, you get the first heads up on the Free Giveaways, bigger discount codes should be enough to get you to want to hang with us. You get to see our newest product launches and more as well. We hope you love the new changes we made for you, and would be pleased if you joined the tribe! Here is where to subscribe:




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