What It’s Like to Work at Home

Not everyone has what it takes to work at home, but oh, I sure do. It’s a dream come true for an introvert like myself, or for anyone who doesn’t like to clock in everyday and get bossed around. It takes more skills than what most people think, but I will admit, I am writing this blog curled up in a big blanket with my fuzzy socks and warm ginger tea. I am my own boss, and that is the first loveliest part of what it’s like to work at home

  • Become Your Own boss

Wake up early or sleep in? Hmm. How about a road trip today? Or, hmm.. We could get to work.

It’s a beautiful thing to become your own boss. You have a say in everything and you clock in whenever you want. Now, lets not get lazy here because we do have business matters to tend to. Being my own boss, Ive made up my own work hours, just to stay on track, however, there are cloudy days which I can take as easy as I want.

  • Master the Skill of Manifestation – Life is what you make it

As my own boss, I have to get crafty, and not just with my products. Life is what you make it, so if given a blank canvass, what would you paint it?

Instead of following a path, be that path. I’ve always wanted to live an abundant life until I realized that I am abundance. I use to allow myself to think that I was broke, until I started imagining in my mind that I was rich, and then the finances began to flow in. Click here to read my blog on How to Attract Abundance.

When working at home,  you learn to master the skill of manifestation because you realize that you already are your own boss, therefore, you are the creator of your own life.

  • New Possibilities Open Up

Dave and I decided to quit our jobs where we had to clock in and that is when the adventure of life unfolded for us. We began crafting and selling at the local farmers market. We saved enough money to go travel to Argentina. While we were there, new possibilities appeared! We opened an online shop for our business and more great things happened! We traveled to South American again and so the story goes on and on. We gained new hobbies. We became vegans, and fell in love with cooking. I swam or kayaked almost everyday in the summer and Dave developed his Yoga practice.

Once a large, or even small component  has been removed,  especially if it is one that is negative, there remains an empty space for the universe to allow something significant to ooze in. That is the beauty of working at home.  As they say, one door closes and another one opens. I will keep opening new doors to explore this lifetimes potential!

  • Become your own best friend – Get in Touch with the deepest Aspect of your Soul

When working at home you realize who your best friend is. Yourself. It’s not that you become antisocial, it is just that a lot of time is spent alone, and it’s a beautiful thing! I realized that while I was working for a company, I came home stressed so I would turn the t.v on, or go out to the bar to keep my stress hidden. Well, I don’t drink alcohol or own a t.v anymore, and now I work at home. When time is spent alone, inner truth is revealed. For me, during that transition I understood that I never spent time with myself, to tend to past wounds or to allow self healing to take place. Just get through the day, only to get through the next day.. It was no fun.

Well now, a lot of inner issues have been worked out, thanks to working at home and spending time with thyself. I love myself, so a self healing ritual is incorporated in each day of mine. I have time for it, because I work at home!

  • Developing Human Super Powers – Motivation, Organization, Focus.

Yes, it’s true, while working at home, you’re allowed to slack off, take a vacation, get to it later… but there orders to ship and clients to take care of! So while working at home, there are human super powers that need to be harnessed in order to be successful with your business.

  •  Motivation – This is a tricky one. For me, it tends to come and go. As a Biodynamic Agriculture student, I pay close attention to the moon phases and planetary alignment. There are times of rest and times of work according to the unseen gravitational pulls. So, how to keep a consistent level of motivation while maintaining work at home? What works well for me is to never fight it, just acknowledge it. When I recognize a day that I am not feeling so motivated, I respect my body and mind and let it know I will not over work that day. I drink green tea, yerba mate or coffee to give me a little mental boost. I play upbeat music. Music is so motivational! Writing lists help me a lot too, but never more than I can accomplish within that day.


  • Organization – As a lover of life, I can stay pretty busy at home. I craft, practice yoga, go on nature walks with Hunter and Dave, wood burn, paint, and so much more! Working at home requires organization, because it is very easy to get side tracked. I mentioned earlier, that I set my own business hours, and for me, this is key. I wake up early and get around. I start getting to work between 8:30 to 9 am. With a lunch break and a few other breaks, I put my work down for our business about 5:30 to 6 pm. Keeping my business tasks within these hours frees up a lot of time for me later in the evening, and being so consistent to get a lot done, means more days off! woo! Stay organized!


  • Focus – Focus ties in with organization but it is still it’s own power. I do a lot of work online, and even on Facebook, which is a very distracting social media site. What helps me a lot, is something as simple as focusing on product promotions on facebook for 1 hour, using the “scheduling post” tool, so that I am promoting my products weeks out in advance. While I am crafting, my tummy may grumble, or Hunter may look at me with his cute keys, begging to go for a walk, but that is why I organize time, so I am able to get a lot of work done, and have more time to play later!! Eating raw fruits and vegetables is a great way to stay focused as well. Foods full of life, enzymes and antioxidants is a great way to keep the mind sharp.


Do you have what it takes to work at home? It’s process and a journey. We are always growing! Life is full of potential and possibilities. I love being my own boss and living life to the fullest.

How do we get it all done? CHECK OUT what we do HERE



Dave over looking Satipo, Peru as we ride around on our friends motorcycles exploring the jungle


Me sitting along the edge of Lake Superior, wishing I could see Pictured Rocks, but it was a cloudy day.


Me practicing yoga on Lake Superior with Dave


Enjoying the day off ceremony in the Jungle, outside  Iquitos, Peru


4 day hike to Machu Picchu in Peru


El Bolson, Argentia – The Patigonia


Lake Superior fun


Cafe in Ecuador break.

How do we get it all done? CHECK OUT what we do HERE




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