Astrology – Evolve or Enable.

I’ve heard it many times, when someone refers to their astrology sign in a negative way as if their habits or bad behavior is fate and cannot be changed. Almost an excuse for what they have done or said, or a way they usually act. “Oh, I’m a cancer, so that’s why I do that”

This enabling mindset is what I believe to be just another small aspect or belief system standing in the way of our evolution. Instead of accepting the bad qualities of your sign, acknowledge them and find a new way around them. Deprogram these poor qualities and pitfalls of your nature and improve upon them.

I am a gemini for example. The twins. My sign can be two faced, indecisive, and scatter-brained. There was a point in my life where I lead two completely opposite and different lifestyles. I was playing in an angry heavy metal band with a bad message, while working for a peaceful non profit working to protect our water. This was when I was very unbalanced. I managed to manifest a bad quality of my sign, and ended up unhappy. Long story short I quit both polar opposites and started seeking truth and joy.

Each sign has bad habits. Though on the other side of the spectrum there are the benefits of your zodiac. You are dealt a cosmic hand of cards when you are born, and how you manage them is up to you. For me, it took the manifestation of that bad balance to learn what I can truly become. These bad habits can almost act as a marker of where to begin in self improvement. If you are too judgemental, perhaps you need to work on understanding. If you are too sporadic, you need to work on planning ahead. These characteristics don’t need to be extinguished although, only if they are causing problems. All traits of the zodiacs, whether good or bad, is what makes our beautiful collection of humans.

So dig a little deeper next time you encounter a behavioral problem in yourself that you don’t like. Ask yourself how you can improve.

I’m curious of your experience. Comment below with any of your views or encounters with this subject.

–  Dave

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