How to Attract Abundance

It’s been a while since I’ve visited this blog. It’s still one of my favorite pieces! Please share and bring abundance and joy to the world! 🙂

Mystical Makings

What kind of abundance are you attracting every day?


I am sharing this information from my own studies and experiences, and when it came to attracting abundance, I came to this conclusion;

The way this universe works is so simple! It is “mind over matter.” When I realized that we are all made of the same material as the rest of creation, we can attract any kind of abundance we desire!

We are the true architects of our mind, body and soul. What we choose to believe is what is mirrored around us.

So, how do you attract abundance? Here is how I did it..


Ask For it! 

You don’t get what you want, because you don’t ask for it!

When attracting abundance, it is important to express your desires by putting those vibrations out in the universe. For example, if you have been working at your job and are unhappy…

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