Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. Where the sun, and other planets resided when you were born have a great influence on your being. Remember, stars don’t force. Only favor. We can understand our astrology to utilize our positive attributes, what we can aim for, and overcome our negative qualities. Life is a journey. We are here to learn!



Mar 20/21 – Apr 19/20

Arians need to keep busy. Their typical urge is to take on more projects than they can handle. Although they need to learn how to make constructive use of their time and energy, they accomplish many things simply because their restlessness keeps them on the go. The sheer force of their passion and vitality is also responsible for marvelous achievements. It may be difficult to keep pace with them physically, but the spirit and enthusiasm of Arians inspires others to try. Element – Fire. Planet – Mars.

Crystals – Garnet (circulatory flow, energy, passion.) Aventurine (Prosperity, achieving goals.) Clear Quartz (Energy amplifier.)

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Apr 20/21 – May 20/21

The basic approach of the Taurean is to simply hang on. If they cant solve a problem, they are prepared to wait until it solves itself. Nothing stays the same forever, and no on knows this better than the Taureans. If a goal does not appear to be within their grasp, they work around it and patiently wait until conditions change in their favor. No one acts with more speed and efficiency than Taureans when they know what they want. Element – Earth. Planet – Venus.

Crystals – Carnelian (reminds one of gratefulness.) Chrysocolla (removes fears, and past negative emotions.) Clear Quartz (energy amplifier.)

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May 21/22 – June 20/21

The Gemini approach to life and to problem solving is so multifaceted as to be virtually impossible to predict. Clever, flexible, and alert, they adapt to any situation they encounter. Geminis collect information. They are experts at networking and at transporting ideas, people, and material goods. Their biggest problems stem from trying to do too many things at one time, failure to get all the facts, and, in personal relations, the inability to demonstrate passionate feelings others may require. Element – Air. Planet – Mercury.

Crystals – Chrysocolla (releases negative emotions.) Agate (grounding, bringing abundance.) Clear Quartz (energy amplifier.)

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Jun 21/22 – Jul 21/22

Cancerians initially tackle a problem or pursue a goal in a quiet circumspect manner. When they are sure of success however, they move aggressively forward. Cancerians are motivated as well as inspired, by emotional needs. the emotional energy they possess is the powerful force that helps them attain their goals. They also succeed quite often because they know how to appeal to the emotions of others. Moodiness of a Cancer can sometimes make it hard to live or work with them. Element – Water. Planet – Moon.

Crystals – Carnelian (reminds one of gratefulness) African Turquoise (Grounding, control of emotions) Clear Quartz (Energy Amplifier)

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Jul 22/23 – Aug 22/23

Leos use their imagination and enthusiasm to get things going and to keep things going. Where they often run into problems is not completing the things they start. A big obstacle to their success, and even their happiness is stubborn pride. When others need inspiration and a good friend, there is no one as wonderful as a Leo. Element – Fire. Planet – Sun.

Crystals – Aventurine (leadership & abundance.) Peridot (Increases confidence & opens the heart.) Clear Quartz (energy amplifier.)

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Aug 23/24 – Sep 22/23

Highly competent as well as highly critical, Virgos readily accept problems and an imperfect environment, if only so they can spend their lives solving the problems and  perfecting everything and everyone around them. This is what they do best. Their minds and their hands are always occupied. They are well meaning and helpful in spite of an ungrateful world willing to exploit their service oriented nature. Element – Earth. Planet – Mercury.

Crystals – Agate (grounding.) Amazonite (increases self love.) Clear Quartz (energy amplifier.)

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Sep 23/24 – Oct 22/23

Librians evaluate what they want to accomplish, plan the best method, and get it done, with as little fuss as possible. By unselfishly sharing their success with those who helped them attain it, Librians continue to engender the cooperation and affection of others. Fear of hurting others and avoiding hostile situations keep them from pursuing their goals. Element – Air. Planet – Venus.

Crystals – Rose Quartz (all types of unconditional love.) Opalite (improves all levels of communication, especially spiritual.) Clear Quartz (energy amplifier.)

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Oct 23/24 – Nov 21/22

The incredible psychological power that Scorpios develop is the key to their success. Their approach is to observe, assess and, if possible, control. Scorpios find it hard to forget or forgive, a self defeating trap that can undermine their lives. Some of the worlds most amazing achievements have been the result of Scorpios who have rechanneled their negative feelings and experiences. Element – Water. Planets – Pluto, Mars.

Crystals – Citrine (release past emotions, brings abundance.) Labradorite (attunes to spiritual path. Protection from negativity.) Lapis Lazuli (intuition.) Clear Quartz (energy amplifier.)

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Nov 22/23 – Dec 20/21

Restless energy and need for personal independence keep Sagittarians moving in many directions. Myriad interests and talents are responsible for their accomplishments. Always ready to travel for business or pleasure, they effortlessly adapt to wherever they happen to be. Somethings an overwhelming urge to escape (figuratively or literally) makes them all too willing to bypass responsibility and work. Element – Fire. Planet – Jupiter.

Crystals – Amethyst (maintains positivity, clears negativity) Turquoise (Grounding) Clear Quartz (Energy amplifier)

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Dec 21/22 – Jan 19/20

Capricorns are willing to handle any task as long as it helps them get what they want. Many accomplishments are the result of their long and patient efforts. Traditions, rules and regulations provide the structure of their lifestyles. They are very competitive, but not always openly aggressive about it. Ambition makes them highly goal oriented and successful. Element – Earth. Planet – Saturn.

Crystals – Amethyst (Maintains positivity, removes negativity) Garnet (Passion) Clear Quartz (Energy amplifier)

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Jan 20/21 – Feb 19/20

The basic Aquarian approach is to find the lowest common denominator. They find the biggest problems, what is attracting the most attention, or where most of the people are heading, and they gravitate in that direction. They have an uncommon instinct for understanding and attracting other people. Aquarians are excellent communicators. When motivated to pursue a goal or work with other people, no one is more successful. Their problem in life is trying to find something can stimulate and sustain their interest. Element – Air. Planets – Uranus, Saturn.

Crystals – Amethyst (keeps heart peaceful, full of good intentions, connects to highest consciousness) Clear Quartz (energy amplifier, especially their own inner energy source.)

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Feb 18/19 – Mar 19/20

Emotional vulnerability has a lot to do with the Piscean approach to life. Some overcompensate by taking on the riskiest of activities. Others may hide their vulnerability by being very public in their professions, and by representing something or someone other than themselves. The duality of Pisceans is represented by incredible strength and ability on the one hand, and weakness and self pity on the other. Physical laziness, lack of confidence and inability to face reality can undermine their happiness and success. Element – Water. Planets – Neptune, Jupiter.

Crystals – Amethyst (removes negativity, keeps peace in heart.) Fluorite (maintains physical and emotional strength.) Clear Quartz (energy amplifier.)

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