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Have you mastered your sign? Each bracelet is designed with crystals to interact with your specific frequency. Collection your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign! View the Astrology Collection Here and use these healing tools to become the brightest star.


Fire, Earth, Air or Water? Which Element do you belong to? We create bracelets and wood pendants for each element. Click Here to begin searching for your healing Element tools.


Handmade reclaimed wood pendants with real stones and crystals is the ultimate healing package. Click here to discover the woods and stones we use.


What are you doing right now in your life to attract abundance? Work with these four chosen stones and allow yourself to be guided onto the path of abundance. Learn the Laws of Attraction. Get your Abundance Bracelet today and start living in prosperity!


Our Chakra Balancing Bracelets are designed with real, high frequency stones. Each one represents one of the 7 main energy system of the body – plus Rose Quartz. Re align and center yourself with this bracelet!


These high quality crystal and gem pendants sit over the heart space to bring you maximum benefits. Click here to check out all the amazing qualities of the different crystal pendants we have in store.